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Kieth A: “I have used Ezra Construction for many years on a wide range of projects requiring B, C61 and D09 licenses.  He has provided foundation work, seismic foundation retrofits, trenching, pier dripping and placement, concrete flat work.  He is a regular part of our team.  Moshe Ezra is a versatile problem solver, a craftsman and a fair and honest businessman.  While I also use other contractors in these trades, Ezra Construction is a valuable asset to our company.”


Larry N. ” He will always watch your back”


Thomas R. “As a general contractor, I am always looking for team players in my sub-contractors, people who have a larger interest in the job than just their part.  Ezra Drilling has always provided experienced and reliable personnel who are problem solvers that have the client’s welfare in mind. Moshe’s generosity and technical proficiency are reflected in his staff. 

We recently completed a very difficult job with Ezra Drilling, in which we encountered difficult soils. Not only did they adapt their methods in order to successfully complete drilling the holes, but the additional cost to the job was determined in a way that was fair to the client.  All in all it been a real pleasure.” (May 28, 2014)

Doug F. “We own a very old house in the Berkeley Hills and have worked with Moshe at Ezra Construction to complete two complicated foundation projects. Each project was a difficult “puzzle” on a steeply sloping site, requiring a skilled and creative approach to complete the work with precision and ingenuity. Moshe was an integral and trusted member of our project team, using his experience and practical knowledge to solve problems and deal effectively and fairly with the inevitable unforeseen obstacles that come with remodeling an old house.”


Don J: “I have employed Ezra Construction on numerous occasions. The work has always been excellent, always performed on time, with the cost reasonable — and they stick with the price they set” 


Scott G.   “I recently had the pleasure of working with Moshe Ezra of Ezra Construction. I needed some pier holes (for a deck) drilled in my backyard, and had taken on the responsibility of coordinating and building the deck myself. To get the pier holes drilled I needed a small portable right and I needed capable individuals to help me get the job done. After contacting Moshe, it was clear that he was the man for the job. Moshe came out to see the site free of charge, spoke to me at length about layout considerations (and even helped me figure out the proper positioning), and assured me that it can be done quickly and responsibly.

Needless to say, he and his professional crew scheduled the date, showed up on time, and worked incredibly hard to get the portable rig setup and drilling in not time. Even when minor issues crept into play (like standing water below the surface), Moshe was there to provide guidance, reassurance, and solutions in order to allay any of my concerns. In the end, Moshes advice proved invaluable. i had never ordered concrete before, I had never coordinated a concrete pumper, I had never constructed concrete forms, and yet, with Moshe’s help – it all went off without a hitch. I followed his advice as much as possible, and the inspectors were impressed with the outcome of the piers!

In the end, I would certainly and highly recommend Moshe for most any concrete/foundation work. He clearly cares about his work, and cares about the people who he works with and for. We discussed other possible projects for my house, and clearly he has the experience and pragmatism to do most any job. Perhaps most importantly, he provided high quality work for a very reasonable fee – and he didnt charge a penny for all of the extra advice and multiple site visits to facilitate the job getting done right! (June, 2014)

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