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Retaining walls

Retaining walls come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made of concrete, others wood, and some even from steel beams for posts. Retaining walls are built in order to keep soil in place whether on a hillside or to create a tiered effect in your garden or backyard.  Retaining walls require planning and can have many considerations including (but not limited to) soil, drainage, loads, retaining wall height, site geology, etc. The most common of Retaining  walls is a concrete retaining wall called the Cantilever wall. Although it is the most common, Ezra Construction can build a variety of different retaining walls based on your needs whether it be made from wood, stones, or otherwise. We stand by our retaining walls, literally!

RT wall image.JPG

Soldier Pile retaining wall constructed with W8x28 I-Beams, 4x12 Pressure Treated Wood, and drainage behind wall. 

Railing constructed from Galvanized metal railing using 4x4 redwood posts, 2x6 redwood top rail and 2x10 redwood bottom rail


Concrete Retaining walls constructed both for retention of soil and for landscaping purposes. Landscaping done by others. 

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